1. Sound der Straße Thekenprominenz 4:11
  2. Always Scandal 3:21
  3. Losing Seasion Young Idea 2:11
  4. Antifascist Skinhead Riot Company 3:06
  5. Rude boys into action! Dirty Brothers 3:02
  6. Grind you down Those Rat Bastards 4:04
  7. Adamastor Atlantes 2:57
  8. Working Class Pride Union Blood 2:56
  9. Heart Full Of Pride Perkele 4:40
  10. De Jonges Close Combat 4:22
  11. Guns of Gothenburg City Saints 4:07
  12. Violent Instinct Violent Instinct 2:47
  13. A.C.A.B. West Lords 2:53
  14. The fight goes on Vanilla Muffins 3:00
  15. Wo ist euer Gott? Berliner Weisse 3:38
  16. Kämpft Hoiter Dipoiter 4:21
  17. War criminals Lost Warning 2:29
  18. Indestructibles Suzio 13 3:28
  19. Street Girls & Drunken Sailors The 3 Kings 2:28
  20. Walk with me Hexen 3:05
  21. Remote Control Lazy Class 2:03
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Working Class


NEUES STREET DOGS ALBUM! Am 22. Juni erscheint via CENTURY MEDIA ein neues Album, das mittlerweile sechste Studioalbum, der Boston Streetpunks unter dem Titel „Stand for Something or Die for Nothing”.

Textlich wird es ein sehr zorniges Album werden, SD Sänger Mike McColgan erklärt seine Motivation: “The dumbing down of America is a reason to write songs in 2018, The theme is wake the f*ck up and the working class needs to unite across all colors, creeds, nationalities, genders and realize that we are being pitted against each other by snake oil salesmen and autocrats.”

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