Ronnie Hilmersson “Just another way to be me”

Band :
Release Date : 16. Juni 2023
Label :
Catalog ref. : SotS 198
  1. Negative to positive
  2. What I have done?
  3. Back in time
  4. Someday
  5. When you're dead
  6. Leaders of tomorrow
  7. One day
  8. Miss you
  9. Me
  10. Heart full of pride
  11. Tillsammans

For many probably one of the most famous punk bands from northern Europe. For years, their street punk anthems have resounded across the fields of festivals, through the premises of alternative concert locations and of course through the apartments and houses of Punks, Skins and Rock Music Fans of various stripes! Music writer and founder of Perkele – Ronnie Hilmersson – is deeply into music and above all he is not stuck and very keen to experiment. While the band`s songs have been peppered more and more with heavy metal influences over the years, he is now planning something completely different!

A kind of experimental acoustic album. What? Yes, you read that right! Well-known hits in a completely new livery. Strong melodies are strong melodies. And it is precisely this that Ronnie Hilmersson is now reinterpreting in different ways and with a wide variety of instruments.

Ronnie himself says: -As a solo artist I will only have one boundary, the melodies. For me, music is something that we should be able to sing along to, something enjoyable that we carry with us in our hearts.-

Ten songs that you can definitely sing along to but which come along completely independently. Plus one previously unreleased song from Ron in Swedish language. Shallower tones, piano passages, a bit of synth pop, a touch of drum`n`bass, reggae parts, as well as acoustic guitars make this album a completely soulful and strong release.

Different – unexpected – great!