PERKELE “Back in time” MLP/CD

Band :
Titel : Back in time
Release Date : 20. Januar 2023
Label :
Catalog ref. : SotS 197

When everything closed down during the Covid pandemic, we started to record demos of old Perkele songs that we use to play live just for fun. We are creative persons and love to develop things, which we also have done with these songs during the years. We also recorded videos to the songs which we shared on Youtube. It became a success and we got requests to share the songs on music streaming platforms. Unfortunately the songs had too bad of a quality for that purpose. This was when we decided to record the songs again in a propper studio. We really want to share these awesome versions with you to celebrate when Perkele turns 30 years old. Hope you will enjoy it! (Perkele)

1. Göteborg
2. Back in time
3. Stories from the past
4. Whe you`re dead
5. What have I done