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„All Nazis And Facists Fuck Off!“

53 thoughts on “PERKELE FANS

  1. martinto

    hi guys i like your music an message jjejejjeje come to southamerica come to chile we waiting for us ok cheers from the south of chile

  2. oi

    a gig in vienna would be greeeeeeat !!!
    if anybody knows something about a gig in vienna pls tell me! you´ve got my email adress

    thanks cheers´n´oi from vienna

  3. K4N3C

    Hi guys,
    pls can u make from ordinary text „link“ to my website hyperlink? It’s better for me, because google bot searching only for „live“ hyperlinks..

    Thanks a lot.

    Administrator of official czech fan site of your greatest oi-band in the world 🙂

  4. edith

    fuck off all nazis!
    i couldn’t enter in sala razzmatazz yesterday because i didn’t take my DNI
    where and when is your fucking next concert?:)
    i really enjoy your songs, especially A SONG FOR YOU.
    please contest me…

  5. Fittirajtan

    Oi! Tycker ni ska ha större utbud på tröjor och fler utav dem på oiantdead. Det är ju sluuut 🙁

  6. Bu

    Thank u for your amazing music and lyrics! Thank u for your work!
    You`re great! I love u.

    Oi! from Russia!

  7. Patrice

    Song from the heart!
    best working class oi! ever!
    Keep on playing guys ! Amazing band !
    love yours sound! Perkele FOREVER!!

    Cheers from Canada!

  8. Johan

    Så jävla skön musik! OI! Skulle va grymt om ni kunde komma upp till kalla gruvstaden Kiruna och spela till sommaren! 😀 Thats the moment we’ll remember when we’re getting old!

  9. Sharpskin72

    Släpa med er Gatans Lag o gör en spelning i Borås vettja. Viva har ju en „punkklubb“ o ni skulle göra succe där!

  10. apekrocket

    i want to buy ur mechandise!im from malaysia..and dude..u guys are my hero..those lyrics and those tune!tell me how to order them(mechandise)..

  11. euskal herria

    Hi!! I am from basque country!! I want to see perkele in direct!!
    Will you play a concert near to basque country???
    Oi from euskal herria

  12. Leon

    You guys make my everydays way to work perfect! PLEASE do more gigs in northern Germany!! Broke my heart not to be at the with full force festival.

    Peace & OI

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