Welcome to a 2-hour tour thru the PERKELE wonderland! This DVD features some great live moments from two PERKELE gigs: POGORAUSCH festival in Munich, March 2012. Headliner: PERKELE. Sold out. BANDWORM Festival 2011. Headliner: PERKELE. Sold out. A total of 18 tracks, including all the hits: „Yellow and Blue“, „Punk rock army „,“Cowards „, „No shame“ etc.
Picture and sound in top notch quality: Both gigs were recorded with 5 cameras, after that remixed and remastered in the studio. Additional bonus footage: Raw & Uncut-recording of ENDLESS SUMMER FESTIVAL 2010, a PERKELE interview, behind the scenes PERKELE (in the studio, backstage Fun Stuff) etc. The artwork was done by Dasko (RED UNION).

You can pre-order here: Bandworm Records

Perkele DVD

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