Perkele Forever CD/ LP

Band : Perkele
Release Date : 1. Dezember 2010
Label :
Catalog ref. : BW90

01. Punk rock army
02. Me
03. Paradise
04. Diamonds
05. Forever
06. Waste of time
07. Heads held high
08. Someday
09. What have I done
10. Always coming back

With the power of the Songs we gonna knock em out!“ After the more personal „Längtan“ release, the band is now turning back into their beloved style of fantastic singalongs, english lyrics and catchy melodies. „Perkele forever“ contains 10 Perkele gems at its best, unbeatable Punk Rock anthems like „Punk Rock Army“, „Paradise“ or „Always coming back“. Topped with decent guest appearances by violin, piano and mandoline. „We are always coming back again to sing along with you, ….This is what we love to do!“
Limited first press of 500 copies on yellow vinyl, incl. lyric sheet & MP 3 download code for your digital pleasure! CD version of 1000 copies w/ DigiPac.
Vinyl editions:

2010: 500x blue
2010: 500x yellow
2011: 500x yellow with blue speckles
2013: 250x blue with yellow speckles
2013: 250 x red
2013: 250 x black